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Just when you thought you saw everything, this came along.  A person posted a thread on a site called Craftster showcasing a present they had recently knitted for a friend’s baby shower: A complete Link costume for their upcoming bundle of joy.  Jump inside for images.

Now don’t get the person wrong, they didn’t just do it because they felt like making a Link outfit.  The recipients of the clothes are huge Zelda fans to begin with, so the gift has some purpose behind it.

Here is the outfit:

Included is the belt, tunic, boots (in sock form) and of course a quiver to hold the little one’s bottle.

This outfit would not be complete without a blanket:

You can view some other angles of the images here.  They also have a brown chest to put all of this stuff in just like Zelda.

That’s all I have for now.

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25 thoughts on “Dress Up with Baby Link

  1. King of Termina says:

    let's hope the baby becomes a fan of his/her clothes and eventually a fan of LoZ. Ah, a new generation of gamers…

  2. nagrom says:

    That is very cute! It's a good thing the baby is too young to care though; hopefully he'll grow into liking Zelda.

  3. gvan11ian says:

    awwww so cute i'd love to see what he/she looks like in his/her new clothes

  4. Hydra says:

    Very cute, although I feel a little sorry for the baby. Whatever, they're already being dressed up as pumpkins and such. This isn't much more humiliating.

  5. Yoshiyahu says:

    X[) I wish my baby clothes included a suit like that.

  6. Kaylee says:

    The last convention I went to, there was a young couple who dressed their toddler as Link. Seriously, BEST LINK COSPLAY EVER. He had the hair and the eyes for it. When they're that small, they don't really mind what you dress them in as long as it isn't too hot for the outfit.

  7. linksliltri4ce says:

    by any chance are they making more of these to sell? i'd totally buy one… or two.. =D

  8. …oh my word. My kid is SO going to be wearing this, one way or another :D

  9. Jzim says:

    oh, my, goodness. im jealous.

  10. Waker of Winds says:

    It is an INSULT to LoZ!

  11. Azerik says:

    I envy that unborn little dude/dudette. I wish I could have had one when I was a baby :(

  12. Naokohiro says:

    That is just amazing. :D

  13. Link2789 says:

    Awww…….I wish I was a baby. I would wear those clothes everywhere. So cute!

  14. Oscar says:

    Wow, that’s a great suit! And it comes with some Lon Lon Milk! Yeah!

  15. Matthew says:

    Haha I love Its if the baby doesn't i will make it love it.

  16. Navi17 says:

    Thats awsome lucky baby

  17. Lules says:

    That's lovely!
    I can't see why someone *coffWakerofWindowscoff* would think that's an insult to LoZ.

    1. nick says:

      my comment is a reply for yours.

  18. luna says:

    omg so cute!

  19. nick says:


  20. Enid says:

    Now i wanna learn how to knit and Imma going to dress my lil hero with Link clothes^____^

  21. Iab19 says:

    I want that now!!! Whenever I get my own child, I want him to wear this. Please make more and sell them world wide!!!!

  22. Motorhead says:

    heh heh… Yet ANOTHER Link is born! what is this the um… 13th or 14th? Maybe this time we should change his name to Bradly…

  23. zeldaghost says:

    i need one for my dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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