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Anything and everything you can wear that has something to do with The Legend of Zelda. Click on a thumbnail to be taken to a larger image that you can comment on and discuss with other ZUers.

24 thoughts on “Clothing

  1. Lance says:

    You can find some Nintendo stuff at Hot Topic.

  2. Kei says:

    "Don't make me go Zelda on you" LOL

  3. someguy says:

    Don't go to hot topic, they pump smoke into the airvents

    1. ALPHA says:

      lol…that's funny… hot topic does have some cool nintendo stuff

  4. personmanofkewlness says:

    i like hot topic thank you very much!

  5. personmanofkewlness says:

    and i plan to go there soon!

  6. personmanofkewlness says:

    also at F Y E they have some stuff.

  7. nykrowe3 says:

    So, can't I buy anything on here?

  8. Awesomeness says:

    What, no green cap?

    1. Lyxia says:

      They make T-shirts, wristbands, hoodies, and decorative mugs, but NO GREEN CAP!? Treason!

      1. You Fail, Son says:

        That's why there's something called "Cosplay".

  9. Axl Petrucci says:

    Hey Do anyone where can I purchase any of these items?

    1. You Fail Harder says:

      Yeah, the internet. Do you not know how to use Google?

  10. DekuChild says:

    According to this, girls aren't allowed to like LOZ.

    1. Lyxia says:

      I know! Pathetic conclusion, isn't it?

    2. You Don't Fail says:

      I know :( There needs to be more Zelda shirts for women.

  11. Square B-6 says:

    I want to find that "way of the hero" shirt. Perfection.

  12. iluvloz says:

    i want dont make me go zelda on you lol and girls rule!

  13. cuccoqueen says:

    I own an article of clothing not shown in this gallery its a cosplay hat from japan based on phantom hourglass

  14. Nikki says:

    Lol the best Zelda shirt isn't in this gallery. Thank god I have it. :3

  15. eizenga71 says:

    Where can I find the Silicone Wristbands I can't find them anywhere!!!

  16. Molly says:

    They need more hot link shirts!

  17. Darkhero0808 says:

    The shirt with wolf link and normal link is sold out everywhere! :(

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